This may be a personalised training programme for the whole family, in the comfort of your own private yacht or estate, or with your own group of friends or colleagues in a location of your choice. The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

What we can offer are experiences varying from 1 day of surveillance and self-defence in London, through to a couple of days of evasive driving and hostage situations, and a fully immersive 5-day programme culminating in a real-life scenario. 

Taking place in exclusive and luxurious locations, you will learn hard and soft skills to train you and build your resilience. Clients are required to deploy all that they have learnt in testing simulated missions. This can involve anything from private jets and stately homes around the world, to prisons and hostile scenarios in a little less luxury. 

The skills learnt are designed to transfer directly into other environments. An example given by CEO Sara Fazlali describes the kidnap and escapology training where clients are taught psychological tools helping them to identify key influencers, potential allies and negative actors, and how to manipulate group dynamics from this; whether in a kidnap situation or in a boardroom. It is all about what you take away. 


The Charter was created to enable corporate clients to experience what Secret Me has to offer. Working closely with the company our highly skilled team of former UK Special Forces and Intelligence instructors and trainers will help you bring your vision to life whether it is as a reward scheme, for private clients, or for personal development. Tell us what your objectives are and work with us to attain them in a truly unique experience.