Secret Me


Secret Me is a learning and development company that uses rapid-fire training in an unusual range of military and spy skills delivered by former UK Special Forces, counter-terrorism and intelligence officers for CEOs, executives and their families.

Our core team of elite instructors has over 100 years of special service between them and over the past 6 years we have worked with some of the top Fortune 500 CEOs, Hollywood actors and producers, and financiers.

This year we will be bringing elements of our course to a wider audience through an online video education platform to complement our experience-based tuition.

We want you to not just survive in life, but to thrive. Build up your resilience, your leadership skills, and grow. This is a unique offering previously unavailable to civilians combining training with experience - take advantage of it. Learn what you are capable of.

Once you are our client, you are welcomed to the SafeHouse Club. When you become a part of our network and our resources are there for you. There is backup support for you, your family and your business to call on if needed. In addition to this there are numerous events run for Club members, from evasive driving days, sporting shoots, to private dinners and exclusive launches. Access to these is offered as an annual subscription.

The entire group displayed exceptional class, patience and professionalism throughout the program. Oh, and not to be overlooked - stage-worthy theatrics! Regardless of whether it was a training exercise or casual conversation over cocktails, you folks were a great time!
— M (CEO, USA)
Sara and her colleagues arranged a once- in-a-lifetime 007 experience for my friends and me. No detail was overlooked and literally no request was too much. We are planning to return for part 2 next year!
— A (Chairman, Hong Kong)