This may be a personalised training programme for the whole family, in the comfort of your own private yacht or estate, or with your own group of friends or colleagues in a location of your choice. The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

What we can offer are experiences varying from 1 day of surveillance and self-defence in London, through to a couple of days of evasive driving and hostage situations, and a fully immersive 5-day programme culminating in a real-life scenario. 

Taking place in exclusive and luxurious locations, you will learn hard and soft skills to train you and build your resilience. Clients are required to deploy all that they have learnt in testing simulated missions. 

The skills learnt are designed to transfer directly into other environments. An example given by CEO Sara Fazlali describes the kidnap and escapology training where clients are taught psychological tools helping them to identify key influencers, potential allies and negative actors, and how to manipulate group dynamics from this; whether in a kidnap situation or in a boardroom. It is all about what you take away. 

There is a minimum of 4 people for this experience with prices starting at £42,000 (+ VAT).


The skills you can learn during a weekend are:


A professional surveillance operative requires a complex set of skills, however, it takes time and practice to become truly proficient in these. The objective of this session is to give you a glimpse of the expertise and dexterity involved during surveillance, counter-surveillance, anti-surveillance and some of the basic technical equipment that can be utilised.

Surveillance whether it is technical or the more-well known form of human surveillance can be applied in a variety of ways. As humans we conduct a form of surveillance many times throughout the day, seeking to monitor the behaviour, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing and protecting. We will delve into the shadowy world of surveillance, understanding what it is, how it is done, and developing the skills to enable you to implement counter and anti-surveillance drills. The session will range from the conceptual and psychological to the physical delivered via an authentic mission.

The focus is on situational awareness, recognising what is going on around you, how to react to your environment, and how to lead and be part of a team.


In today’s world being aware of your environment and knowing basic threat prevention is becoming ever more vital. In such a digital world our lives are not longer purely in the realm of the physical. Cyber spying typically involves the use of such access to secrets and classified information or control of individual computers or whole networks for a strategic advantage and for psychological, political and physical subversion activities and sabotage. More recently, cyber spying involves analysis of public activity on social net- working sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Secret Me instructors will teach you about your digital footprints, business intelligence and how to protect your virtual profile.

Technical surveillance plays an important role in intelligence gathering. The equipment used and described during the events include video and audio monitoring, computer monitoring and technical counter-surveillance measures.


Taught by our Special Forces operatives, combat pistol shooting focuses on the use of the handgun as a defensive weapon for self defence as well as a means of overt action. Throughout the instruction you are trained to be safe, competent and capable in a variety of weapons and situations. The class will allow those that wish the chance to test their marksmanship skill through a variety of tests culminating in a final scenario. The ranges are progressive, testing and above all extremely exciting. The psychological lessons are learning to remain calm, relax your muscles and control your breathing on demand, under stress, and whilst there is a lot of distractions around you.


Instructed by a leading Sensei, clients learn some basic self-defence and situational awareness strategies through our bespoke self-defence class. You are provided with an awareness of potential dangers that might exist, whether within our surroundings or the unwanted attention of other people. Self Protection is a natural ability that everyone has; some of us have developed this ability through a process of training and raising our awareness. This is achieved by understanding our personal security, environments, situational awareness, and what we can do to avoid and prevent violent confrontation and, for the worst-case scenario, learning methods to see o such violations. you.


Very few people ever have to face the ordeal of a kidnap and no situation is the same. However, should this happen, being prepared and having some appreciation of what it entails helps the victim to manage the situation. You are taught how to minimise your ‘foot print’ in order to reduce the likelihood of being targeted, how to manage yourself and others during a highly distressing situation, what others will be doing to help, how to cope during the different stages of this experience, how to negotiate, and how to leverage relationships to position yourself in the safest and most beneficial position.


A terrorist attack in the UK is “highly likely” after attacks in across Europe but would you know how to protect yourself in a roving attack? There is a lot you can do to maintain your own survival and the survival of others. Do you know how to dynamically lockdown your sites in response to a fast-moving incident such as a rearms or weapons attack, either directly at the site or in the vicinity? During the session, Secret Me will provide practical advice to enable you to make the best out of a complex and dangerous situation.

Secret Me keeps up to date with the current trends and methodology used by terrorists. This piece will immerse the clients into an active shooter/ roving threat scenario. It will provide them with insight and equip them with specialist skills and knowledge in how to stay safe and react if caught in this situation. There will be multiple hostiles to encounter and the clients will join the elite Secret Me instructors to form a team and neutralise the threat using a wide range of weaponry. This is a heart pumping, adrenaline fuelled piece.


Enjoy a session of poker and hustling. Poker is game of conflict in which different people who have very different goals use conflicting strategies. Strategy from other forms of conflict - war, sports, and relationships - can easily and often be applied successfully to poker. Our leading croupiers and world competitors teach card skills and how to recognise the psychology behind ‘tells’ and deceptions created in the pursuit of success. This focuses on reading other people’s body language and recognising your own tells.


Secret Me’s top mixologist divulges the art of the perfect cocktail, to under- stand what to drink and where. Equally important is retaining your wits and having the ability to recognise poisons, guard against spiking and know the early effects and signs should you be faced with such a situation. Our instructor talks you through this in an informal setting whilst you sit back and enjoy the amazing cocktails. Under his expert guidance you have the opportunity to practice making your own favourites.


Sometimes cars are not designed to be glamorous, but to hit and be hit. This is one of those times. While all safety considerations and precautions are taken, the defensive driving training programme is designed to prepare drivers through a systematic approach to hazards and defensive driving techniques to minimise risk in the driving environment. Taught by former special forces (possibly a Stig!), you are pushed to your driving limits. Instruction includes:

• Theoretical understanding;
• Situational Awareness and planning;
• Advanced manoeuvres (e.g. J turns, hand brake turns, high speed pursuit); • Extracting through blockades and car-jackings;
• Using your car as a weapon - o ensive driving; and
• Being attacked by an aggressive car and taking evasive action - defensive driving.