Stress inhibits what people want, to be: more successful, happier, richer, slimmer, wealthier, funnier, and sexier. Yet, when we look at the Special Forces and their stress response, you see that they not only are able to perform under stress but they reframe stressful environments to be enjoyable. This is key to overcoming vulnerability, building self-belief and getting what you want. 

We never really test our limits or see what we are capable of anymore. People struggle to create stories fo strength, stories of leadership, stories of resilience. We admire strength and leadership and we aspire to this ourselves - Secret Me is about what we can learn from the Special Forces - they skills are the tools, the focus is the psychology.

Use us to help raise your team out of being ordinary and become an elite force.


Sara and her team gave us a perfect team building experience. We learnt how to perform under stress, get higher performance levels, and contingency plan for the worst.
— D (CEO, Canada)


We work with you to create an itinerary that delivers what you want for your team. The below prices are guidelines for a 3-day fully-immersive high-level training weekend.


Super 3-day Event


Regular 3-day Event


Eco 3-day Event

Additional Driving Day

Total Price GBP

£15,500 per person (+VAT)


£12,400 per person (+VAT)


£10,700 per person (+VAT)

£10,000 total (+VAT)


All-inclusive with a greater focus on pushing clients further and with higher service and cost to serve

All inclusive with high levels of service and quality

Full service and experience with executive car drivers to and from event instead of helicopters.

Driving day for 10-15 people

(Note: A fixed price can be provided following consultation with the client about their specific requests.)