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Building on the BESPOKE, this is a chance to experience Secret Me and find out what you are capable of and how you react and cope with life-changing moments. Secret Me provides a unique opportunity to experience and learn an array of skill-sets taught by an elite calibre of instructors (ex UK Special Forces, Intelligence agency and Counter Terrorism experts). It has elements of escapism whilst giving clients, and their clients or colleagues, a unique understanding of corporate and personal security issues, adding to their competitive edge and capabilities. How do you react in stressful environments? How do you perform under stress? Simple questions that Special Forces officers frequently train, and now you have the chance to learn from them.

This Secret Me programme is made bespoke for you and combines the old-school glamour aspects of espionage, as represented by Ian Fleming’s James Bond and Le Carré, with a genuine, authentic and exciting insight into today’s vulnerabilities and the means to mitigate and protect against them. The skills are the tools, the focus is the psychology.

We will help you understand how you react and cope with stressful situations. We use military and espionage skills training to influence how you act. And, we use beautiful luxurious settings and services to put you at ease, invite you to the world of luxury, and create an environment where you feel comfortable and safe enough to truly explore your limits.

Are you a freeze, fight or flight character? By making the training as realistic as possible in a safe environment we look to build your emotional and mental resilience. We test how you react. Then test and coach you on your coping mechanisms.

Our clients now expect more from their down time. Corporate training has changed. You want more. You expect a different experience that is one of a kind, a glimpse into a world previously inaccessible to civilians.

We truly believe in creating unforgettable, challenging yet luxurious experiences.

All our instructors are former UK Special Forces or Intelligence officers and they are able to adapt the training to each individual on the course providing the highest levels of training and insight possible.

“We often wonder how we would react in life-changing moments, now is your time to find out”.



The above outline is designed towards an in-house event. This can be adapted in any way to take from the options or to work with any other element provided by Secret Me.


Super 3-day Event


Regular 3-day Event


Eco 3-day Event

Additional Driving Day

Total Price GBP

£15,500 per person (+VAT)


£12,400 per person (+VAT)


£10,700 per person (+VAT)

£10,000 total (+VAT)


All-inclusive with a greater focus on pushing clients further and with higher service and cost to serve

All inclusive with high levels of service and quality

Full service and experience with executive car drivers to and from event instead of helicopters.

Driving day for 10-15 people

(Note: All prices are ROM costs provided to aid the client’s budgetary planning and are not fixed. A fixed price can be provided following consultation with the client about their specific requests.)