Secret Me


We push clients outside their comfort zones to test their limits and help them understand what they are truly capable of. The experience is for private groups and corporate clients using military and espionage skills to focus on integrity, intelligence, courage, conflict resolution, selflessness and resilience. We believe in creating a safe space to really understand what you are made of, how you react in life-changing moments and how you cope, in order to build your own inner self-confidence and leadership abilities. 

We all have limits in our working and private lives; a point beyond which we can go no further. Secret Me works with clients from a broad range of professional and personal backgrounds to better understand their limits and help clients build the emotional and mental resilience required to extend them.

We do this through tried-and-tested training packages delivered by former UK Special Forces and Intelligence Services personnel. It is a unique offering previously unavailable to civilians combining training with an experience.

Throughout, you are coached and led by operatives who have served on the front line. You are taught not in a classroom, but in live scenarios, to the very highest standards befitting of the global clientele a course of this nature attracts.

Our courses cover a range of practical skills including: surveillance, counter-surveillance, reaction under fire, escape and evasion, use of firearms, seduction, first-aid, hand-to-hand combat, quick battle assessments, evasive driving, resistance to interrogation and much more. Courses are designed to go beyond the practical transfer of skills; they are specifically tailored to help our clients learn what they are truly capable of. Our emotionally intelligent staff work with clients before, during and after courses to ensure that training delivers against individual clients' needs and expectations.

There are two main formats to Secret Me: 

The Bespoke offers a tailor-made experience specifically to your every need. It works with your own group of family, friends or colleagues to train you from basics and culminating in a full scenario in which everything you have learnt will be tested. What do you want to take away from it? 

The Charter allows corporate clients to take advantage of what Secret Me has to offer, for the companies themselves, or their clients. Whether it is team building, leadership programmes, or client or employee bonding experiences, we work with you to develop this.

Clients are welcomed to the SafeHouse Club. When you become a part of our network our resources are there for you. There is backup support for you, your family and your business to call on if needed. In addition to this there are numerous events run for Club members, from evasive driving days, sporting shoots, to private dinners and exclusive launches.

The question is, what are you truly capable of?



Scenarios built into Secret Me experiences unfold like scenes from an action film. Clients see skills come to life in realistic, live scenarios. As you take action, react, and perform, you are in charge of your own fate. We consider your own abilities as your starting point. Our Special Forces instructors are there to push you to your limits and truly test you.


We won’t reload your weapon for you, nor will we demonstrate skills that we are not willing to teach you. We coach and guide you in such a way that you acquire the skills and confidence needed to operate independently, both in the programme and in everyday life. It is more than just an experience.


You are taught skills that can transfer directly into your everyday life. Psychology underpins all our courses. Our clients have pinpointed persuasion and psychological techniques, personal security, utilising body-language, operating under stressful situations, and data security as skills they have transferred into their lives and businesses.